U-Bent Tubes

Be.Tube Srl, thanks to Reliable Partners, offers U-bent tubes addressed to boilers and heat exchangers.

All processes are carried out according to technical standards: TEMA “R” for heat exchanger tubes and UNI EN 12952-5 for boiler plants.

Technical Specifications - U-Bent Tube

U-bent tubes are manufactured according to the technical specifications requested by customers:

Standard Dimensions - U-Bent Tube
Outside diameter 6 ÷ 63.5 mm ¼”÷ 2 ½”
Maximum overall length 1 ÷ 28 m 3 ÷ 92 ft
Bending radius
1,5 × tube diameter
1500 mm 4 ft

Materials - U-Bent Tube
Carbon Steel SA 179 / A 179
Carbon Steel SA 210 / A 210
Carbon Steel SA 334 / A 334
Stainless Steel SA 213 / A 213
Duplex Stainless Steel SA 789 / A 789
Copper & Cu Alloys SB 111 / B 111
Titanium & Ti Alloys SB 338 / B 338
For different materials please contact our sales department.

Be.Tube Srl provides bent tubes including:
  • Heat treatment (by Joule effect on bent area): Inert atmosphere inside tube (on request).
  • Anti-oxidation surface treatment (with protective oils).
  • Trimming and deburring of the ends.
  • Internal cleaning and cap insertion.
  • Packing in custom racks.
Inspections and Tests - U-Bent Tube
Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
Hydrostatic Test
Pneumatic Test
Eddy Current Test
Dye Penetrant Test
Magnetoscopic Test

Applications - U-Bent Tube

The common application fields are:
  • heat exchangers (condensers, evaporators, sea water desalinators)
  • chemical and petrochemical industries
  • food processing and refrigeration industries

For any kind of information and request do not hesitate to contact our Team, Be.Tube Srl is at Your complete disposal.