Low Finned Tubes Production

Production - Low Finned Tubes

Low Finned tube is a finned tube obtained through plastic cold deformation.
The method consists in realizing, from a smooth tube, fins with a particular geometric form without removing material; this plastic deformation causes an increment of heat exchange efficiency, and allows to reduce the heat exchanger size.

Technical Specifications - Low Finned Tubes

It is possible to produce low finned tubes with different materials and dimensions, on customer request.

Standard Dimensions - Low Finned Tubes
Outside Diameter Thickness Length Fin Density
(mm) (inch)
12.00 ÷ 60.00 0.47 ÷ 2.4
(mm) (BWG)
0.635 ÷ 4.572 23 ÷ 7
(m) (ft)
0.3 ÷ 25 1 ÷ 82
(fins/inch) (fins/m)
8 ÷ 40 315 ÷ 1575

Materials - Low Finned Tubes
Carbon Steel SA 179 / A 179
Carbon Steel SA 210 / A 210
Carbon Steel SA 334 / A 334
Stainless Steel SA 213 / A 213
Duplex Stainless Steel SA 789 / A 789
Copper & Cu Alloys SB 111 / B 111
Titanium & Ti Alloys SB 338 / B 338
For different materials please contact our sales department.

Standard Technical Specifications - Low Finned Tubes
Carbon Steel ASTM A 498
Stainless Steel ASTM A 1012
Copper and Copper Alloys ASTM B 359
Titanium ASTM B 891
For different materials please contact our sales department.

After Finning Conditions - Low Finned Tubes
As-Fabricated Temper (As-Finned Condition)
Stress-Relieved Anneal
Annealed (Bright Annealing)

Inspections and Tests - Low Finned Tubes
Chemical Composition
Mechanical Properties
Hydrostatic Test
Pneumatic Test
Boroscopic Inspection
Eddy Current Test

ALSO AVAILABLE - Low Finned Tubes

Condenser Tube "Y-fin" Evaporator Tube "T-fin"
Inner Grooved (IG) Low Fin Tube Inner Grooved (IG) Y-Fin / T-fin Tube
U-Bent Low Fin Tube Annealed Low Fin Tube

Applications - Low Finned Tubes

The common application fields are:
  • heat exchangers for power plants (electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal power plants)
  • high corrosive systems (condensers, evaporators, sea water desalinations, fertilizing, urea systems, ammonia, gas, corrosive acids)
  • chemical and petrochemical industries
  • food processing and refrigeration industries

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